Why Transparency is Key for IT Support

Why Transparency is Key for IT Support

Transparency is an essential quality of outsourced IT support. When you outsource your tech needs to an MSP, Managed Service Provider, you're giving them your trust and a massive responsibility. The only way trust can be earned is if they're transparent in their actions.

Network Security

Let's apply this to network security. Any SMB needs to know exactly how their MSP is protecting their network and if it is being done adequately. Outsourcing your tech support is supposed to provide you with peace of mind, but that won't save you if your network isn't as secure as you think.

A recent Customer Think article makes a few predictions for 2015 related to tech support. According to the article, businesses will demand more transparency from agencies:

"Increasing numbers of SMBs will give customers controlled access to support-related tools and information. Mobility will lead the way, providing customers with more seamless and transparent interactions that give them instant access to data on their relationships with companies and their products and/or services."


Transparency also plays a key role when it comes to integration. If you wanted to use a certain voice communication solution, for example, VOIP, then you need to make sure that there's no firewall blocking the system.

In the best case scenario, your MSP will have a firewall in place securing your network and a VOIP solution that can be fully integrated. This way, you won’t have to take your firewall down and you'll get IT support for your phone systems as well.

Whenever you outsource something, it's important that the company is fully transparent. This is especially important for technical support as your entire business rests in their hands.

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