Important CryptoLocker Malware Update

Roland Technology would like to remind you that your computers are still at risk from the CryptoLocker Malware and its many variants. Our technicians have noticed a few changes to their plan of attack; the malware is now primarily using trusted free-file sharing programs such as DropBox and Google Docs.

CryptoLocker is a malware that encrypts your business’ data and claims to unlock the files once a predetermined payment has been received. The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has stated that well over 200,000 computers worldwide have been infected by the malware and that over $27 million in ransom payments were extorted just within the first two months of CryptoLocker’s operation.

Furthermore, new campaigns have begun to exploit the fears associated with CryptoLocker. Be wary of offers that state their tools can unlock files that have been encrypted. If downloaded, a scanner is then installed on your computer and proceeds to claim that there are numerous other problems with your PC and that only their offering can clear them.

We urge you to notify your users to NOT open unsolicited emails and to especially not download files when you do not recognize the source. Should someone be affected by this malware, please contact us immediately so that we can carry out the necessary steps to stop the threat from going any further and to protect your business.