Why Are Texas’ Businesses Upgrading to Hosted VoIP

Telecommunication costs are a significant part of a typical small business budget, and these costs multiply as the business size increases. Finding a way to reduce these costs, while working within the traditional framework, is next to impossible. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows SMBs to disconnect from traditional telephone service providers by consolidating voice communications with existing high speed Internet infrastructure.

Hosted VoIP solutions offer the easiest upgrade path by putting the majority of the burden on the provider, making the upgrade a simple matter of plugging in the right phones or adding the proper client software to workstations—providers like Roland Technology will handle this for you.

It is true that many SMBs are making the switch to VoIP. Here are the reasons why:

  • Cost: No debate here, VoIP is cheaper, and calculating the ‘actual’ cost to your business is far simpler as well. Traditional phone companies have figured out how to itemize their services in such a way that you never know what you’re actually going to pay. Hosted VoIP plans come with every imaginable feature making monthly costs consistent; no surprises.
  • Unified Communication: Because all voice traffic is already converted into IP data, it is easily shared with email, messenger systems, and CRM software. With VoIP, voice can do anything your data can do. For example, your calls will follow you, obey your schedule, send you translated voice messages as texts, and even ring someone else when you’re not available. You can even integrate VoIP into your CRM software so that when a customer or client calls, your screen will automatically display their history, saving you valuable time while impressing your customer.
  • Technology: Perhaps you looked into VoIP a few years ago and heard some stories about poor call quality or service interruptions. Yes, there were some growing pains associated with the technology but that has changed dramatically. The Internet itself much faster and more reliable than just three years ago, and the VoIP technology is light years better. Streaming video’s popularity, along with video games, and video chat services, have benefitted VoIP tremendously by making ‘Quality of Service’ technology a standard component on all modern network hardware. Simply put; it just works.

High, unpredictable fees, back loaded long-term contracts, and that famous phone company customer service, are just a few of the headaches you can leave behind with a Hosted VoIP solution from Roland Technology. Take a few minutes to look over some of the features offered by our Cytracom PBX system, and then contact us for a FREE VoIP consultation. Roland Technology will handle the rest.