Three Free Ways to Improve Your Network Security

The easiest way to bulletproof your network security is to hire a dedicated security team. In addition, you can upgrade all of your systems to feature the latest in protective software. As a small or personal business owner however, you most likely will not have the money nor the work to justify such extravagances. Instead, you can rely on the following no-cost methods to guard against digital intrusions.

Start with your built-in safeguards. No matter what computer you have or operating system you use, you already have built-in methods for securing your safeguards. Activate password protection for all your user accounts and use long passwords with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Make sure only key employees have administrative privileges.

Download free security tools. Many software manufacturers offer free security software or stripped-down versions of their flagship products to give you a taste of good protection. One of the best examples is Windows Defender for Windows 8.1, and Microsoft Security Essentials for older Windows versions. Both protect your system against malware. To find out how vulnerable your system is to password crackers, try Cain and Abel. To find out whether your wireless network is well-protected, use Aircracking to try and crack your wireless encryption.

Keep up to date. Hackers come up with new and more sophisticated ways to break into your network every hour. Manufacturers of applications and operating systems are just as inventive in thwarting such attempts by updating their software. If you do not install these updates, then your current software remains at risk. If you don’t want to worry about whether or not you have the latest patch, turn on automatic updating in your operating system and your applications. Otherwise, you’ll have to manually check manufacturer’s websites to see if they’ve issued any changes.

However, despite this list of free network security tips, it is ALWAYS best to hire a team of highly trained professionals to keep you safe and up-to-date. For more information on securing your systems or if you need help with and other IT services, such as cloud, VoIP, etc. , please contact us.