Outsourcing vs. In-House IT Support: Real World Experience Always Wins

When it comes to outsourcing vs in-house for your IT support, you have some sharp contrasts in determining which one is the best choice. While continuing to use an in-house IT team usually occurs out of habit due to close ties with longtime employees, it may be time for you to rethink how your IT support works. For those who’ve had an in-house team for years, it doesn’t mean they should all be fired. In fact, bringing in an outsourced crew can sometimes work in harmony with an in-house team.

Regardless, if you’re just starting a business, it may be a different story. Take a look at why using an outsourcing team is going to inevitably win out in the comparison chart.

Real World Experience vs. In-House Experience
When you hire an outsourcing team, you’re getting a team who has had real world experience working for numerous different companies. In the world of IT, real-world experience is essentially based on the different situations that happen in numerous business structures. When something goes wrong in your own company, having someone who’s seen it all can help you find quicker solutions.

Your in-house team won’t have that advantage and will not always having the time to study on the latest developments. While they may have years of experience dealing with your IT problems, what happens if something unusual comes up that they don’t understand? In that regard, you may end up having recurring problems you’d never find a solution to without an outsourced team.

Access to Newer Technology vs. the Status Quo
Another advantage to outsourcing is in how outsourced teams also gain access to the latest technology. Through the above real-world experience, they’ll know what kind of tech works the best for a specific business. They’ll also be up on the latest products so they can give you the best educated recommendations you’ll find anywhere.

Your in-house team might be able to implement some new technology, even if they may be doing a guessing game on how it fits your business structure. Overall, they may be afraid to change things out of fear it could cause a disruption in work flow. They may recommend staying the course and using technology you’ve always used, despite being outdated. In the meantime, you’re missing out on hardware or software that could make your business run more efficiently.

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